Spider Veins Found in the Nose

Published: 29th March 2011
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Have you looked in the mirror lately and noticed something thin, crooked red or blue veins on behind your nose and resembles the appearance of spider webs? Most likely, you have spider veins on nose. These are also called sunburst varicosities or telangiectasias. You may be wondering that you know about spider veins on legs, but nose? Stop wondering and take away your doubts regarding spider veins on nose as you read this article.

What are Spider Veins on Nose?

Those spider veins that develop on the nose, like any spider vein in the body, are caused by the pull of gravity. Usually occurs in overweight to obese individuals as their weight exerts additional pressure to the blood vessels. The veins that are affected here are called veridical veins. Varicose that means twisted in Latin is usually take place in the legs as they are the poor ones who take the maximum stress. This strain is related to the metabolic occurrences that carry blood from the foot to the heart.

Spider veins that are seen on the nose an uncommon incidence and can be seen on the face, neck and surrounding areas. Normally, the blood flows in just one direction that is, from the heart to the body parts and from the body parts back to the heart after all the oxygen and nutrients have been delivered. But in case of those suffering from spider veins, the gravitational pull causes the blood to pool back the way it came. This leads to spider varicose or spider veins. Mostly, as mentioned above, spider veins are usually seen in legs, but can affect nose, face and other parts of the body. You can read more on spider veins on face.

The good news is that there are a lot of medical options that can safely and effectively fade spider veins away from view. Know about these different medical treatments from our ebook, "Get Rid of Spider Veins," a comprehensive guide to spider veins treatment.

The removal of spider veins helps in enhancing one’s look and self confidence. Spider veins removal likewise assists in improving the skin appearance of your face and removing all the underlying mental stress and worries on your appearance. Spider vein removal is effective and affordable procedure. Avoid extreme exposure to sun, stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol and try weight loss to prevent spider veins on nose. You should practice a healthy lifestyle and even try and take up yoga to reduce stress. It is easy to prevent and treat spider veins on nose.

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